2016 Volunteer Opportunities

Posted by Vancouver Minor Lacrosse Association on Mar 30 2016 at 09:13PM PDT


Welcome VMLA Box Lacrosse Families

My name is Maureen Calvert, I am your VMLA Volunteer Coordinator. As the 2016 Box season is now revving up, please read the following regarding volunteer duties. )Maureen Calvert and I will be happy to answer them.

Volunteer & Team Dutie2

Each family is asked to put in a minimum of 6hrs of volunteer time, or they will forfeit their $75 volunteer deposit. 

Volunteer positions are, but not limited to, executive member, coach, assistant coach, manager, door person, fitness trainer, first aid attendant, designated time keeper (for PeeWee & above), designated scoresheet (for PeeWee & above)(meaning volunteer will do time or score for all home games), Sid Dann, photo day co-ordinator, etc…

The volunteer positions should not be confused with team duties. All parents are asked to help with team duties, including those relating to time keeping, score keeping, shot clock (30-second clock), 50/50, and so forth.
To arrange your volunteer duty please contact, This does not include team duties.

Volunteer Positions Open Now!

Renfrew Box Cleanup
Sunday April 5:00pm
Sign Up Here

Photo Day
Sunday April 17th
Sign Up Here

Sid Dann Tournament
May 28-29
Sign up sheet coming soon!

Provincials Tournament
July 16-20
Sign up sheet coming soon,
contact me now if you are interested in volunteering!

Fundraising Opportunities
Car Wash Day – TBA
Pub Night – TBA

Bingo Volunteers
The VKMLA receives gaming funds that are critical to the association’s viability. In turn, we must supply volunteers to work short (3 hrs) shifts at Planet Bingo(2655 Main St, between 11th and 12th). Basically, volunteers just assist the “Planet Bingo” staff with simple duties. Our next dates for fulfilling our obligations are: TBA
Please contact the Bingo Coordinator  for more information.

Team Managers
Are you interested in managing one of our box lacrosse teams, or becoming an assistant manager? This is a fun and rewarding experience, and counts towards your volunteer credit. There are no courses for this but mentoring is available. For further information, talk with your coach or contact anyone on the VKMLA executive board.

Door Personnel
Are you interested in helping out on the door during box lacrosse games? In order to do this position, you need become a Certified Door Person.
For safety reasons, the association requires that all bench personnel take theBCLA Door Personnel course and become certified.  This is a free online course and is available to any parent wishing to assist during games, and is a minimum requirement to sit on the team bench.
Once you take the online course, let the coach know that you are certified and can assistant on the door. Also, let the association know by sending an email to Tom Callaghan Our Coach Coordinator. He is responsible for coaching development. This position counts towards your volunteer credit.

Team Duties

Time Keeping & Score Keeping
At each game, the home team must assign one person to keep score and one person to time keep.  These are considered to be team duties and do not count as a credit for the volunteer fee unless you sign up to do this duty for all your home games, PeeWee level and up. 
The team manager is responsible for coordinating the time keeping and score keeping duties, and each family is expected to participate.  The team manager will set-up a parent meeting (usually during a practice) to teach parents how to use the scoreboard. As for score keeping, there are several tutorials available online. Each parent is asked to learn how to do this duty.

Shot Clock (30-Second Clock)
At each game, the home team must provide a person to do the shot clock. The VKMLA started coordinating shot clock duties with the referee allocator.  The Association pays the shot clock fee for PeeWee games and older.
Shot clock duties will primarily be assigned to members that have completed a referee course. To express interest in doing the shot clock duty, let your team manager know or contact the referee allocator.

Other Team Duties
Other team duties may also be assigned, at the discretion of the team manager. These may include, but are not limited to fundraising, bringing treats, washing jersey’s, providing ice, hosting gatherings,… Some of these duties can count towards the volunteer fee so talk with your manager or Maureen, our Volunteer Coordinator, to ensure that these count towards your 6 volunteer hours.

Please note that each parent volunteer effort is recognized and is greatly appreciated by all!